About me

me gili
Hello, I am Jodie.

I can’t remember how I first heard about ‘travelling’, as in – to tramp around our glorious, fragile planet on a huge, sometimes everlasting journey was actually “a thing”, but I do know when — I was 15, doing my mock GCSE’s at High School and I can remember having this incredible desire to simply fuck off and never return. I didn’t of course, I was only 15! But the burning urge didn’t go away, it just got stronger, so over the next few years I researched everywhere I felt like going – where I would get the best tan, where my favourite foods could be found, where I could drink legally, where I could find cute dresses for £1 – you know, all the really important cultural stuff you love when you’re a teenager growing up in North East England.

I had my route all mapped out by the time I was 22. I had worked in finance and saved up a considerable amount of dollar to help fund my trip (I did not want to work – this is what is now called taking a sabbatical – in 2008 it was called madness).

For the ‘big trip’, my dearest pal was going to accompany me as her graduation treat. Places included: NYC – where I spent half of my hard earned cash in 10 days, Miami, where I spent the other half, Rio De Janeiro, yes, I seen all of the sites but I also partied far too hard and I still find drinking a caipirinha difficult, we fit in a Caribbean cruise, as you do? Mexico, road-tripped up the west coast of Cali and Vegas, Kiwi-bussed New Zealand, Greyhounded the east coast of Australia, Fiji, Malaysia, Singapore, and of course, Thailand – full moon party, elephant treks the lot.

Now I know the above is now deemed a typical “gap yah” these days, but at the time we went, these trips were nowhere near as popular as they are now, smartphones weren’t even in circulation unless you were a celeb (or loaded), and Wi-Fi was non-existent…finding a good internet cafe was like finding Nirvana. Needless to say it was this trip that changed my life – cheesy but so very true. I have so many wonderful memories of the places we visited – most of which I would never say in public let alone write on my blog. And all the stuff I know about said places will be so out of date now but I will include snippets from my travel journals just for shits and giggles.

The thirst for travel didn’t go away of course, and so every decision I made from then on was to enable me to travel more. 1. get a job with flexibility to work from anywhere (I am a freelance writer and PR consultant), 2. don’t get into a serious relationship unless he’s willing to follow you on mad adventures, 3. live for the simple things in life (a Mulberry handbag costs roughly the same as a round the world ticket, for me this is a no-brainer). Oh yes, if you are reading this as travel inspo, one of the first habits you will pick up is converting material things to plane tickets.

In 2012, I visited Bolivia and Peru, and my favourite destination of all time (thus far) Bali.

In October 2014 decided to move to Bali permanently, don’t think Eat, Pray, Love think more Eat, Drink, and have what I call Meaningless-flings-that-feel-so-meaningful-at-the-time-that-you-think-you’re-in-love.

This blog is filled with my travel memoirs and my eternal search for Neverland.


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