What I learnt in my first week in Melbs…

  • Dumplings are VERY popular. I don’t mean suet mince and dumplings style I mean steamy parcels filled with meat/fish/veg and thanks to my big sister who made me watch this a few years ago, I can’t bring myself to eat them – nightmare!
  • Gin is also popular and if you don’t like it, you are looked at like a leper (me, yep, me).
  • Uber isn’t as popular here and there are MASSIVE rows between cabbies and Uber drivers, actual assaults and court hearings, it’s a bit mad.
  • Blister struggles are real – my legs had hardly been used in Bali (seriously) – well now they are well and truly firm and my poor feet – just don’t ask.
  • McDonald’s is actually called Maccas here – as in the sign and everything. Yep, Aussies.
  • Melburnians are obsessed with coffee – I lost the taste for it when I gave it up in Peru in fear of getting altitude sickness so again, I am looked at like a leper.
  • There are odd booze rules, not just only the ‘gin is king’ one but also, you MUST drink espresso martinis (see above) and if you call them Xpresso martinis you may as well just go the fuck home now. Rosé is only up and coming here (in comparison to the UK where we drank it in bucket loads 15 years ago), Pinot Noir is the new Shiraz, it’s acceptable to drink vodka neat and also at home on a school night…oh did I mention that alcohol is probably as popular as dumplings? And if you work in hospo, you’re practically a god. It can be pricey here but happy hour offers are pretty amazing especially when it comes to wine, which as you know I love, so you can get a lot for your buck.
  • St Kilda is as beautiful as I remembered – however, Fitzroy St. seems a lot grubbier (which I sort of love).
  • Gertrude St. is still my fave in terms of its vibe and architecture closely followed by Smith then Chapel.
  • MELBURNIANS ARE THE FRIENDLIEST PEOPLE I HAVE EVER MET!!!!!!!!!! They literally look after you like you’re their child/grandma/sick pet – it’s amazing.

On a more personal note, I left Bali shitting myself – entering the unknown, on my own, with no money, I don’t mean ‘oh I secretly have 200 quid stashed for food, travel and accommodation,’ I mean I didn’t have a bloody penny! Thankfully, all my family pulled together and gave me their last as a loan but alas, due to travel costs and overweight ‘life’ bags etc. $700 does not last long in ‘the most liveable city in the world’. But weirdly, money worries, although they are worrying, aren’t so bad here. Why? Because I have landed a pretty awesome job doing what I do best – PR, plus a fun waitressing job (with great pay and tips), I’ve made heaps (Aussie term) new friends, found amazing housemates via a Facebook forum, who are not only letting me crash for free but are cooking my dinner every night! So again, I have that ‘everything is going to be okay’ feeling and I am looking forward to this big and startlingly new adventure. Who said beach bums couldn’t be city girls?


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